Higher Security

Sibelga reduced lots of employees’ stress

Sibelga reduced lots of employees’ stress from field workers and dispatching based on the elimination of phone calls. The dispatching team can see now where the technicians are and if they are available for a new job.

Easy Work Order Dispatch

The benefits for Sibelga in short:
The visibility on technician’s work order and the whole dispatching process improved. By eliminating handwritten work orders the overall quality of data increased and the reduction of errors cut costs related to those errors. Last and main improvement: the employee security increased.

Over Sibelga:
Sibelga is the network operator for electricity & natural gas in the 19 municipalities of the Brussels Capital Region. The maintenance and long-term development of this network is Sibelga’s responsibility. Sibelga is owned by the municipalities (70%)and Electrabel (30%).

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