Our vision and mission


Our Mission is to deliver added value by creating solutions and applications that rely on GeoSpatial technologies and the Power of Knowing Where. Our Mission is also to create an enterpreneurial environment to build an ecosystem of companies that want to operate and grow in the Spatial Are(n)a.


We believe in the power of location. We believe ‘where’ matters. We want to help our customers to leverage the value that lies within the spatial dimension of their data.

Innovation & entrepreneurship

An ecosystem for Spatial Passionata

We are a group of companies dedicated to the world of Spatial Driven Solutions and Services. The Square in 'Geo Square' stands for the marketsquare where our team, our customers, our partners and our suppliers get together to boost their commerce. We like to invite and welcome all spatial professionals, start-ups and adepts to join our Geo Square so we can help you to grow your own spatial shop.