The Solution

A complete solution for all Mobile Teams

Freebility tackled the digitization of the field operation using a comprehensive approach by 1) providing the mobile workers with adequate and ruggedized mobile devices enabled with productivity apps tailored to the specific business processes; 2) ensuring two-way communication between the company ERP and the mobile devices and 3) enabling remote mobile device management for efficient administration of the mobile devices.

Seamless integrated with the ERP.

The different interactions between the enterprise systems and the mobile workforce are digitized and the Freebility productivity app provides the mobile workers with a single device delivering relevant information. The planning is pushed from the ERP (Umax by Itineris) to the mobile devices. The field worker accesses his planning by logging into the mobile unit and the Freebility productivity app navigates the worker to his first appointment. The different tasks associated to the appointment are listed and described along with the relevant supporting documentation. The mobile worker gives feedback on the task execution allowing the ERP to stay synchronised with the actual status of the tasks in the field. The documents that are relevant for the tasks to be executed are dynamically built and once filled in, they can be signed by the customer on the mobile device for acknowledgment. The time spent by the mobile worker for each task, the travel time between two customers, etc. are registered and sent to the ERP for accounting purposes. The dispatcher can dynamically update the mobile workers planning to insert for example an urgent intervention. The updated planning is then pushed towards the mobile devices.

The comprehensive approach proposed by Freebility efficiently digitizes the complete operation of the mobile workforce. It results in improved efficiency, simplification of the administration and implementation of rapid feedback loops making field knowledge visible in the enterprise systems.